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Experience the process of real film-making

By far our favorite thing to do: Make short-films! We are passionate film-makers, who get inspired by different filmgenres all over the world. Whether that be Horror, Comedy, RomCom or something completely different.

At Youth Novel Motions we are a big fan of Indie movies and the whole process just makes our days a lot better. How can work feel this good you might wonder?

We would love to help you make your short-film (or full length) movie happen and can guide you through the whole process.

We will help you make the script in pre-production, film incredible shots during production and edit your film in the highest quality achievable.

Youth Novel Motions has a pool of directors, producers, editors and other individuals in the industry. Depending on your request, we can help you decide who the best choice is for your specific wishes.


Visions, A tale about Schizophrenia

This channel is coming soon!
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