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"No Friend But the Mountains​"

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Youth Novel Motions is an organization of millennials of different backgrounds, work skills, and ethnicities. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate and enhance one another's skills and talents.

Diversity is important to us. Not because we have to reach a certain corporate goal, but because we believe diversity is our core strength. We work structurally well together because we have significant contrasts between each other and celebrate these. We are bold, dare to speak up, and find comfort in exploring awkwardness. 

Directors | Producers | Editors
Film is without a doubt our most powerful tool of expression. Cameras are extensions of us. We breathe, consume and adore cinema, and spend a great amount of our time studying - and improving the way we execute - the craft. Youth Novel Motions consists of several film directors, (screenplay) writers, cinematographers, (assistant) producers- and directors, sound technicians, animators, and editors.

Photographers | Stylists | Make-Up Artists
Most filmmakers start with a history in photography or writing; film eventually at its core is a collection of dynamic snapshots - in time. With years of experience in photography, we have perfectionated how we use lenses, light, and settings, to create captured memories that can pass from generation to generation with our aim to stage - and portray - our pictures as timeless as possible.

Writing | Marketing | Search Engine Optimization
Words are powerful. The founder of Youth Novel Motions wrote his first novel at age 17 and the company has a strong connection to storytelling through the use of (poetic) writing, with a great appreciation for philosophers and poets from previous centuries. We tell stories through the conventional - and understandable - way, but always with a strong allure to the unspoken and strange. Our marketers are able to transform ideas through digital mediums, writing, and SEO/SEA to help build your companies story from scratch.

We've previously worked in the following regions:
Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Luxembourg
Asia: Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Pakistan, India, The Maledives
South-America: Sint Maarten

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