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PUSH Athlete / The Bar Rotterdam

Our collaboration with Push Athlete and The Bar Rotterdam showcases our versatility in producing diverse content for various platforms. From creating dynamic social media content to encapsulating the thrilling spirit of fitness events, we've helped amplify their digital footprint.


Social Media Content
Dynamic Digital Presence

We regularly collaborate with Push Athlete to create engaging social media content, designed to inspire their community, promote their services, and maintain an active, appealing online presence.


Event Filmmaking
Capturing the Thrill

When Push Athlete and The Bar Rotterdam teamed up for their CrossFit games event, we were on hand to capture the high-octane action.


The result was an electrifying aftermovie that conveyed the passion, intensity, and community spirit of the event.


Continuous Collaboration
Long-term Partnership

Our ongoing work with both Push Athlete and The Bar Rotterdam not only showcases our ability to consistently deliver quality content but also our aptitude for fostering successful long-term collaborations that help brands grow and thrive in their market.

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