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Cinema is an extension of our mortal sensations

We have all had a moment where we were sitting in the cinema, engulfed in the darkness with the sound being merely interrupted by the chewing of popcorn - one row ahead of you. The tension builds up and in a split second you feel a indescribable feeling of change.

This is the effect that cinema has on individuals. It confirms moments that play in our mind onto our retinas. Film makes us feel something new and we get sucked into it. For that reason feature-film is our main speciality. We are mad movie fanatics, live through film and want to expand the horizon of the world through the means of storytelling through a lens.

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Cyanide (2021)

Six - intertwined - stories delve into various social- and political dilemmas - occurring in Dutch society surrounding a cluster of millennials, with each story perceptualizing the deepest corners of human behavior.

Now streaming on: Amazon Prime Video (UK/US) | Vimeo (Worldwide)

This channel is coming soon!
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