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Real Stories, Real People

Documentaries have always been one of those things that have highly fascinated me from a young age. There is a sense of magic to documentaries and the way they showcase realness on your screen (or the television when I was young).

I have had the opportunity to work on making documentaries happen and am also a documentary maker myself.

I am currently working on my documentary "The Place I Call Home", which is a reflection of the mixed feelings towards what is considered home by the diaspora that was started on the South-Asian subcontinent.


The Place I Call Home (2022)

The Place I Call Home follows the journey of the South-Asian diaspora in Europe and how it leaves traces behind of desire, conflict, and complication for the new generation. What is the place that they define as "home" and why is that?

Planned to be released on September 1st, 2022

This channel is coming soon!